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My name is dr. jur. István HAJDÚ, principal lawyer and founder of the Hajdú Law Firm, registered member of the Szeged Bar Association.

Our law firm is located in Szeged, in the heart of downtown, in a few hundred meters distance from the Regional Court of Szeged. Our two air-conditioned, spacious meeting rooms and secretariat provide a perfect environment for business transactions. Our clients are given the possibility to sign contracts and receive countersigning through electronic means (Skype) should they stay abroad or should it be necessary due to the pandemic.


One of our practice areas is civil law, covering all activities such as legal counselling, editing deeds, and representation in civil litigation, based on ad hoc or permanent contract of mandate.

Our other main practice area is aliens policing law within the field of administrative law, providing our clients with counselling and representation in procedures for the issuance of residence permits, letters of invitation, settlement permits and registration certificates.

Practice areas
of our law firm

We lay special emphasis on addressing and solving all legal problems in a client-centred, practical and professional manner. Concerning our services please find detailed information under “Practice areas”.

Real estate law

As real estate law is one of our main practice areas, we are ready to provide our clients with professional assistance in connection with the acquisition of the ownership of real estates or of a movable thing through editing, assessing, and legal counselling on contracts of sale, gifting, exchange or rental and other contracts.

Aliens Policing

Our other main practice area is legal counselling and representation in procedures concerning legal Hungarian stay (e.g.: procedures for the issuance of residence permit, letter of invitation, settlement permit and registration card).

Non-litigious procedures

Legal representation in procedures of orders of payment in front of notaries, enforcement, bankruptcy and liquidation.


We provide our clients with legal representation in the field of labour law, family law, inheritance law and other fields of law as well.

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