Hajdú Ügyvédi Iroda

Practice areas


Real estate law

As real estate law is one of our main practice areas, we are ready to provide our clients with professional assistance in connection with the acquisition of the ownership of real estates or of a movable thing through editing, assessing, and legal counselling on contracts of sale, gifting, exchange or rental and other contracts. We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance, which means that we also fill in and lodge the application for entering the fact of acquisition into the register of real estates, we lodge the necessary supplementary documents, deeds, or the tax office form B400 for reporting the fee for the acquisition of assets.

Corporate law

We are ready to assist our clients in the foundation and amendment of companies, in the preliminary editing or assessing the necessary documents (memorandum of association, minutes of the members’ meeting, declaration on the seat, sample of signature, etc.), in answering questions concerning tax issues, or in reporting further changes to the Court of Companies.

Non-litigious procedures

A considerable portion of our mandates is consisted of legal representation of both natural persons and companies in procedures of orders of payment in front of notaries, enforcement, bankruptcy and liquidation.

Aliens policing (residence permit procedures)

We are maintaining a legal practice in the field of aliens policing law, representing mainly students and employees in residence permit procedures, but our practice includes legal representation in procedures of other purposes of stay as well. We also represent our clients in procedures concerning the issuance of letters of invitation and in registration card procedures of EU and EEA nationals. Our services include filling in forms for the procedures, providing information regarding the necessary supporting documents and the procedure itself, maintaining contact with the aliens policing authority in person, through electronic means or via post (not regarding those procedural steps where the personal participation of the client is obligatory by law). Regarding that our Firm also maintains a legal practice in rental contracts, we are also ready to provide our clients with professional assistance concerning finding the suitable accommodation. As one of our primary fields is real estate law, we are ready to assist You in registering Your address in Your new own apartment as well.


We provide our clients with legal representation in the field of labour law, family law, inheritance law and other fields of law as well.